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Dr. David Martin’s Urgent Canadian Trucker Update & Trudeau’s Conflict Of interest, Lawsuits Coming [VIDEO]

Dr. David Martin with an emergency broadcast message everyone needs to hear, know about and spread… Real News & Commentary for Patriots:
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No doubt there is a weariness that comes from the battles we wage in this life. The pandemic narrative of the past two years is one such example. It is divisive, contentious, and downright irritating to a lot of people on both sides of the issue. People just want it to go away…to vanish from existence and no longer impact our day-to-day life. At such times we need to be reminded that hiding from reality does not change it. Growing weary is never the plight of the victor. Let us be reminded of this biblical truth in light of the battle we are in:

Then Gideon and the three hundred men who were with him came to the Jordan [River] and crossed over, exhausted yet still pursuing–Judges 8:3; NASB

To use a phrase from Dr. Martin the “fig leaves” that these liars are hiding behind will eventually be taken from them. And it will be the courage of the faithful who will see that it happens. Truth cannot remain hidden forever for darkness cannot overcome the light. Lies wither like autumn leaves. They do not hold sway forever.

Please watch the video in the link and share. Money and power is what has been driving this narrative for the last two years. Stop listening to tyrants. Make them be held accountable.

Also pray for those in Canada who are having their freedoms trampled. Good citizens who are calling on political officials to obey the laws as expressed in their charter. The corporate media likes to twist the narrative calling law abiding citizens lawbreakers, when in fact the lawbreakers are those in power.

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A Word Spoken to a World in Need and a Government Needing Repentance, Part II: The Issue and the Appropriate Response towards Civil Officials

“To be an effective warrior in the battle for truth today, several old-fashioned, Christlike virtues are absolutely essential: biblical discernment, wisdom, fortitude, determination, endurance, skill in handling Scripture, strong convictions, the ability to speak candidly without waffling, and a willingness to enter into conflict.”—John MacArthur, The Truth War1

“Individuals should disapprove of and oppose homosexuality as immoral. Churches should decline membership and office to unrepentant homosexuals. States should restrain homosexuality rather than making it a civil right. We must equally insist that individuals not take a holier-than-thou attitude toward homosexual sin, that churches faithfully proclaim the good news of deliverance to homosexuals, and that the state not persecute them by entrapment, invasion of privacy, or intentionally selective and uneven attention…[Moreover,] contrary to common retort, disagreeing with homosexuals about their rights and disapproving of their behavior does not automatically make someone a bigot…Viewing something as immoral is not the same thing as being bigoted.” Greg L. Bahnsen, Homosexuality2

God created mankind in His image to act as His vice-regents on this earth. Human beings were given dominion on this earth as the Lord’s stewards. Meaning we are to do two things: 1) work, tending God’s creation to its utmost potential, 2) work in guarding/protecting God’s creation from sin. To do this was to obey the voice of God and live. To do its opposite was to rebel against God’s Word and die. In this sense then, living and dying are ethical realities. Our parents in the Garden refused to listen to our Maker’s instruction, resulting in their eviction from His blessed sanctuary. (Only God’s grace made a further relationship—coming to Him in humility—possible).

Since that historical event, a visible struggle has been witnessed between those who seek to bear the mark of God in their lives and those who prefer the mark of the serpent. Previously, I pointed to how the Lord dealt with the rebellion of His creatures in the past. Using water, fire and sword to execute judgment against the nations (peoples) who refuse to submit to His Law-Word.

Today, I want to briefly explain why that is the case and what is going on that has so many Christian pastors (and Christians in general) concerned here in North America; specifically, in our sister nation Canada, although, such trouble is not far from our own borders. Furthermore, I want to challenge believers in their understanding of civil government and what our response ought to look like. In my final post (forthcoming soon) I will address how we are to deal with the sins of others in light of our gospel commitment.

A Warning and a Protection Enacted…

After the flood, God added a warning to the children of Man:

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image” (Gen 9.6; ESV).

Life is precious and has dignity because God made us. We are not accidents. We are not products of a series of evolutionary events. Chance did not bring about man, God—the Creator of Heaven and Earth—did.

Genesis 9:6 lays out the groundwork for the death penalty. For to strike against a fellow image-bearer is to strike against the God who created them. Please understand that the death penalty is applied to more than physically slaying another individual. Do you not know that rape is considered the same sort of attack against a fellow image-bearer, against the God who gave them life (cf. Deut 22.26-27)?3 The depth of the commandment: “Thou shall not kill” (Exod 20.13) is greater than just not taking life, but also preserving life. We are to do all that we can to maintain the life and well-being of another individual.

What is sexual sin, if not a violation against the commandment of life? It is destructive to the life of an individual, a marriage, to the family, and in the end to society as a whole. Think about the ways that our current culture has twisted and perverted sex. Our technology makes it more prevalent, but we need to understand that what we are seeing in our culture is nothing new. Biblical revelation makes it quite clear that this has been done before.

This is why I cited various judgment passages from the Old Testament (Tanakh). I have no desire to jab my finger in the eye of another. Nor, do I want to cower in fear because my words, which are just a relaying of God’s Word to His image-bearing creatures, are offensive to some. However, speaking the truth in love means there will be times when others will not want to hear your message. Jesus Christ was crucified for nothing less; and yet, no one can deny that His words were spoken out of love. (That last comment alone is worthy of a lengthy discussion, but I must press forward).

Efforts of the Rainbow Coalition…

Recently you may have noticed that the alphabet soup “community” has gotten more brazen over the years. Initially, all they supposedly wanted was for us to tolerate their existence. To allow them to come out of the closet. But now they are gunning for our lives. They have attacked our places of business. They have invaded our educational institutions. They have attacked our concept of family, of marriage. Now they are gunning for our children. They demand that “sexual identity” reign supreme. Not just in their private lives, but in the public square. They are currently seeking political support in the hopes of drawing up legislation to further silence our voices and our freedoms. No longer do they seek toleration, but their true desire is to demonstrate their intolerance for our way of life.

They are driving home the narrative that male and female is a myth, a lie propagated to control the masses. It is argued that one can transition from the “gender” classification they were assigned at birth. Reason and rational thought have been replaced with feelings and intentions of the heart as if the truth of reality were determined by such things! For the human heart is “exceedingly wicked” (Jer 17.9), more so than an individual might know about themselves (Jer 17.10), and this “from our youth” (Gen 8.21)

The Overreach of the Canadian Government…

Now, this past December the Canadian government passed legislation at the national level that makes it illegal to speak against or attempt to correct the errors laden in these forms of sexual sin. No longer are you allowed to question or offer a gentle rebuke in the hopes of converting such an individual to Christ for that is now considered hateful, harmful, and worthy of getting your freedoms revoked. To offer counsel, to preach the gospel, to proclaim the truth about the reality of sexual sins, of previously unspoken perversions/abominations, may get you fined, jailed, or even worse…you may have your children taken from you.

What should we do?

We ought to do as we are commanded to do. Herein lies the issue of jurisdiction. Whose spoken law has legally binding authority on this issue? Who should Christians bow the knee to and whom should they oppose? Where is our allegiance supposed to be demonstrated and in what way?

Romans 13:1 says,

Every person is to be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exists are established by God” (emphasis added).

I was listening to Dr. Joe Boot this week and he made a point I thought was worth repeating. (Bear in mind that this is a paraphrase of his words.) He pointed out that it is our duty as Christians to proclaim the truth. But he cautioned,

“We are not preaching against the government. For as we are taught in Scripture God has established government. He has sanctioned it to act as His ministers in the civil sphere. What we do is preach against the abusive tyrants that are besmirching the name of God…that are trampling on His Word…that are distorting the truth in government.”4

God ordained governing bodies because of mankind’s sinfulness. They serve as an authority above the person in society, in order, to curb bad (evil) behavior while upholding the good (lawful) citizens. Notice that the apostle Paul says “governing authorities” in Romans 13:1. Not one governmental body, but many; a plurality of governing institutions have been ordained (instituted) by God to help govern the affairs of men and execute His vengeance against those who take His laws lightly. This is why Paul also says that leaders in governmental bodies serve as His ministers (Grk. term for deacon) in the public sphere (Rom 13.4, 6).

The limitation is two-fold in Romans 13:1-7. First, the citizens of this earth are limited in their sphere of individual authority in that they are responsible to do good (honor the law), and if not justice will be executed against them accordingly (cf. Deut 19.21). Second, the individuals in positions of authority (governance) is given the use of the sword (retributive justice) but are limited in their use of it as the exercise of the sword must comport with God’s law. The governor (regardless of his/her station) is not a law unto themselves.

As Gary DeMar explains,

“Ultimately, only God has the authority to govern. He does so because He is God, and His infinite wisdom and majesty are beyond compare. He grants authority to others to govern: ‘By Me kings reign, and rulers decree justice’ (Proverbs 8:15)… [Therefore,] all who rule receive their authority for the administration of justice and equity from God, Lord (Governor) of all creation.”5

It is here that we find a voice for the Christian to speak. No one government is absolute, they are by divine decree derivative having delegated powers. They are not all-encompassing, and therefore do not have absolute autonomy. They have a jurisdictional boundary by which they are able and likewise limited, to operate.

God’s Truth…

Thus, they have no right to write nor authorize legislation that attempts to supplant the truth of God. Marriage was ordained by God, and so too was sex, which is a part of the covenantal bed (cf. Heb 13.4). God alone has the right to define human identity and this He did in the beginning:

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them” (Gen 1.27).
“…the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living person” (Gen 2.7).
“…the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. And the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. Then the man said, ‘At last this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man” (Gen 2.21-23).

Moreover, God defined marriage between a man and a woman and therefore, no other union is to be legally or lawfully recognized as marriage. And to those who claim that understanding marriage in this fashion is outdated or patriarchal, I respond it is based on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords:

Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no person is to separate” (Matt 19.4-6; cf. Gen 2.24).

What teaching may we glean from this? What application(s) may be drawn from Jesus’ words? That God created only two “genders” from the beginning—male and female. That God made the woman for the man and by extension the man for the woman; thus sex is to be shared only between a man and a woman. In fact, the entire alphabet soup narrative is destroyed by this one teaching. For no governing authority is authorized to change the defining marks of what makes marriage, sex, or even the family—something that Christ also warns not to attempt to separate—are. God reserves that right.

And so, it is the duty of the Christian minister whether great or small to proclaim/preach this truth in opposition to the governing authorities above us that are attempting to pervert it. We are to warn them that God’s wrath was not silent in the past, and it will not be silent in our present state if they do not desist and repent from what they are doing right now!


1John MacArthur, The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2007), 146.

2Greg L. Bahnsen, Homosexuality: A Biblical View (Nacogdoches, TX: Covenant Media Press, 2011), Preface 1, 2. Using the term “homosexual” Bahnsen recognizes “…specific variations within sexual identity and orientation…” (p.1) and so it applies to a wider variety of practices within the LGBTQ? Community; something that continues to evolve over time at an increasingly rapid pace.

3The list of sins that struck the image of God in man are many. Either the sins were a direct assault on this image or indirect. This includes a long list of sexual sins (cf. Lev 18, 20), but others as well. For example, child sacrifice (Lev 20.1-5), kidnapping (Exod 21.16), chattel slavery (Deut 24.7), murder (Num 35.16-18), parental abuse (Exod 21.15; Deut 21.18-21), and in some cases the slanderous purger/malicious witness (Deut 19.19).

4When I say paraphrase I mean just that. This is the essence of what he said, but it is not a word-for-word transcription of his message to his listening audience. Therefore, if a person would like to hear Dr. Boot’s testimony I will provide the link to his website so that you may download his podcast and listen:

5Gary DeMar, God and Government (Powder Springs, GA: American Vision, 2011), 56.

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Seven Ways to Prepare Your Family for What’s Coming | Doug Wilson |

In this episode of Blog & Mablog, Pastor Doug Wilson gives seven ways to prepare for what’s coming.

Enjoying this video? Check out Doug’s “Rules for Reformers” today! Doug Wilson gives seven ways to prepare for what’s coming.

— Read on

We’ll stated and on point!!

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A Sickly Yellow Custard That is a Little Green Around the Edges

An Introduction to Vaccine Passport Defiance The other night I went and looked up some video footage of the massive demonstrations that are currently…

A Sickly Yellow Custard That is a Little Green Around the Edges

An excellent article by Doug Wilson on the need for Christian resistance against the tyrants within our gates. “We are not slaves, unless you speak of the king of righteousness—Jesus Christ.”

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Diabolic Witness

The turmoil surrounding Covid-19 is NOT based on a diabolical illness, but a diabolic witness. Men are preaching salvation/deliverance if, and only if, we submit to the whims of the civil and corporate powers that be. It has gotten to the point where those who have not been jabbed are being attacked as the reason for why people are getting sick.

According to various news outlets1 the nation of Israel has one of the highest vaccinated populations percentage wise, and yet they are finding out the supposed medical breakthrough vaccine is only about 39% effective.2 Meaning what? That getting the vaccine3, at least in Israel, does little to prevent you from contracting or even spreading the illness as one report noted. Other reports are coming out that state that even the vaccinated still pose the threat of spreading the virus around.4

Who’s at fault? Is it a virus or is it the unvaccinated? The dreaded vax-deniers. The vax-reluctant. Are we to blame for the spread of COVID-19. I mean, why not, asymptomatic people were blamed as risky carriers that could unknowingly spread the virus last year, without a shred of evidence other than vain suppositions that “It might be possible….” Even when scientific data was reported on that showed the unlikely hood of asymptomatic spread, this was tacitly denied or ignored.5

It is our fault that people are getting sick and dying, when those who are getting sick and dying have received the medical gift of the state? “No, no, no…” it will be argued. The ones getting sick are the unvaccinated. This has been the argument from Mike DeWine here in Ohio. “99% of the infected are the unvaccinated.”6 Okay, let’s assume that governor DeWine’s figures are accurate. Let’s ignore for the moment that this “evidence” seems counter to what is coming our of a highly vaccinated nation, like Israel. Who is really at risk? If the vaccinated are safe, then why the push? If the vacinated have nothing to fear, then why the purposeless commentary? Why lay the blame at our feet like those in the media do, like some elected officials do (say for example, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, or President Joe Biden?”). What happened to “My body, my choice?” Oh…that only counts when we are murdering our offspring…I’m sorry, I forgot.

I’m not saying that this analogy is a direct equivalent, but the underlying premise is strangely similar. We’ve heard this sort of language before. We’ve seen this form of propaganda before. This is not the first time in history when an opposing thought has been censored, when contrary evidence has been “lost.” There was a time not too long ago when a group of socialists blamed one sector of their society for the countries economic woes. They then ostracized the sector of society. They vilified them. They took from many their livelihood. Are we now to believe that those who refuse to take what companies like Pfizer and Moderna offer as a remedy to a mild virus are at fault when those who’ve taken it get sick or die? We are forbidden to blame Wuhan for a possible origin, but we are not forbidden for blaming our neighbors, fellow citizens that have different convictions and concerns based on empirical data (when it is not being buried below the public’s line of sight), for this silly virus?

A needed dose of reality…

Chicken pox is a virus.7 It is a virus that has proved to be deadly to old people or people with weakened immune systems, as is true of a number of viruses. There was no vaccine when I was a child. When one kid got chicken pox, parents would send their kids in the vicinity of the infected to allow their children to get it. This was how herd immunity was built. Nowadays they have a vaccine for it. I’m not sure how effective it is, but I do know this: If a child received the vaccine and another didn’t, and then the child who did got chicken pox, you didn’t blame the other kid for your bad fortune. But that is where we are at.

We have witch doctors running the medical field, we have magicians running the scientific field, and we have Pharisees running the law field. There are dissenting voices, but they are being censored. They are being black listed, and their lives are being threatened. As I said in the beginning, it has more to do with a diabolical witness than a diabolical illness.

“An open conspiracy. If you are going to run a conspiracy, put some of it into the open so that the targeted victims think they are seeing all of it.”

GAry NOrth, Conspiracy: A biblical view, 2nd edition (tyler, TX: dominion press, 1986), 13, pdf e-book.


1Examples articles may be found here:;;;

2Berkeley Lovelace, “Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness,” CNBC, July 24, 2021, accessed July 30, 2021,

The interesting thing about Lovelace’s conclusion is that this efficacy rate is seeming limited to Israel. This is implied, though not specifically stated in the opening paragraph. The vaccine from the Pharmaceutical giants (Moderna and Pfizer), it is claimed by the author, “works very well in preventing people from getting seriously sick, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against severe illness, according to Israeli data.” Okay, if that is true, then why all the fear mongering? Why the push to get the rest of the nation vaccinated or to have a vaccine passport? If the majority who are getting sick are the vaccinated, and the vaccinated barely register a sniffle, then what is there to report? What is the urgency? People get sick every day, throughout the year, sometimes deathly so…but never before have we seen such a panic towards an illness that has over a 99% survive-ability rate.

3I only use this term to avoid confusion, but the drug being injected into so many is not traditionally, legally or medically recognized as a vaccine. The common usage of the term refers to a substance made from a weakened or dead pathogen that is injected into the body to bring about the bodies natural immune response. The body identifies the invader, replicates a defense and keeps the memory of it in our cells, in order to be prepared the next time our immune system comes into contact with it.

The spike protein (mRNA) is a synthetically engineered substance that has been studied in various lab animals, but to devastating ends, as we are now beginning to witness in human candidates. See: Paul Alexander, “The COVID-19 spike protein may be potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen,” TrialSite News, June 1, 2021, accessed July 30, 2021,

This has been the warning from the creator of the spike protein Dr. Robert Malone as seen here: This is a production of DarkHorse Podcast Clips, with Dr. Robert Malone, Bret Weinstein and Steve Kirsch discussing.

4Josh Gauntt, “Can fully vaccinated people still spread the virus?” WTVY, May 19, 2021, accessed July 30, 2021,

5As seen here:; and here:; and here: I cited the last article because it highlights the hypocrisy with the current narrative’s protagonists. They say one thing in public to promote a reaction, but they calm the fears of others in private. We should not be surprised by this sort of manipulative tactic in the higher echelons of our society. This is not the first time in history when those presented as leaders or experts said or did things in order to promote their own agenda under the guise of caring for the welfare of the public.


7I started writing pieces of this short article sometime last week. A little thought here and there. Ironic, I think, given the fact that the CDC has now compared the spread of the so-called Delta variant to chickenpox. Using warlike language they suggest that the battle must now be adapted to take old countermeasures into practice, like wearing masks again in public spaces. See: Lee Brown, “Delta variant spreads like chickenpox and ‘changed the war’ on COVID: CDC docs,” New York Post, July 30, 2021, accessed July 30, 2021,