I’m often asked by my children, “Dad, why do you write a blog?”  Here’s my purpose for doing so, as far as I can tell: To help people understand the necessity of God’s Word from the very first verse.  As a Christian minister I see this as any other ministry opportunity.  My desire is to equip fellow believers in their walk with the Lord.

Well, how am I going to do this?  The best way I know how is taking every thought captive to Jesus Christ.  Every area of life is viewed through a foundational lens called a worldview.   This “world-and-life-view” is what we use to interpret the world around us.  Our worldviews determine–they don’t just aid–our every thought and conclusion on a personal and societal level. Therefore, every aspect of life I attempt to analyze from a biblical position.

This means that there is absolutely no area off limits here.  I have deep seated convictions regarding politics, theology, ethics, etc., and so when the occasion calls for it I will address those specific areas.  People need to think critically (not just emotionally) through these areas of thought, and it is my aim to help them do so.  Even when that critical thinking hits them hard in the face; hey, I’ve been there and will probably be there again.

My aim is primarily to equip Christians, but I also have a love for the lost.  I was once a member of that group, so my heart naturally goes out to those who do not know the Lord.  It is my hope and prayer that in the years to come (however long the Lord allows me to tarry in this life) that God may use some of what I have said here for His good in the up-building of His kingdom.

Now you know my (this sites) purpose….