My name is the doozy that you read in the title to the blog–Kristafal. Normally, I just go by Kris in order to avoid the inevitable conversation that ensues due to my odd name. I am a man, born 40 years ago, and am currently serving as pastor of the Narrow Way Church in southeastern Ohio, in a backwoods county named Perry.

The countryside is filled with forested hills and cattle farmers of various stations. The area is pretty famous for its past export of stoneware. Actually, it was the stoneware that made Crooksville and Roseville national treasures in the area of pottery, but as time normally does change things their hold in the clay business has pretty much died out.

The Narrow Way (formerly known as Grace and Truth Community Church) is actually the second church I have served in as a full-time pastor. It was in the spring of 2006 that I answered the call into the preaching ministry, and in 2008 I began my first stint as pastor. Before that time I had served as a Sunday school teacher and youth minister for a few years in a different church.

I am happily married to my wife Jennifer, who is a wonderful helpmate that the Lord has given me. If you’ve paid much attention on my site you will have noticed that exceptionally good-looking redhead beside me…that’s her! Between the two of us we have six wonderful children, although the older ones are starting to make me feel a bit old. In the next couple of years we will have a few of them leaving the bird’s nest, so to speak.

As a family we enjoy vacationing, watching various films, playing board games, cards and even putting the occasional puzzle together. We outdoorsy people, and so hiking, camping, bonfires/wiener roasts are a bit of the norm for us. While not giving you the big picture hopefully you’ve been given a quick glimpse into my life (and that of my family) to see I’m just a fairly normal human, thankful for God’s precious and wonderful gifts.