Warning! Reader Beware!

This page is an advanced warning to the reader.  The posts on this blog are at times a bit lengthy.  A fellow brother in Christ often retorts, “I’m not sure you understand the meaning of a blog post!”  Maybe I don’t, but I would rather be thorough overfeeding my readers, than so concise that they are left malnourished.

In my posts, I attempt to analyze the arguments presented to the best of my ability.  I try to anticipate questions or objections in my writing, so that they are properly answered before a rebuttal is presented.  Sometimes I may do a good job, other times I may fail miserably.  Regardless, this is my writing style.  Hopefully, you are patient enough to come to appreciate it, but if not I can’t make you read what I write.

If perchance you believe I have missed something (I have blind-spots too), then by all means comment on them, and if necessary challenge me where I stand.  I am not beyond rebuke or correcting. Until then, happy reading….