The world has changed. It has been transformed, and yet it is still in the process of transformation…Each new generation must appropriate for itself the benefits of Christ’s work. Each new generation is faced with personal and cultural crises brought on by sin. The history of Western civilization is evidence that the gospel of Jesus Christ does make a difference both personally and culturally. (Gary DeMar and Peter J. Leithart, The Reduction of Christianity: A Biblical Response to Dave Hunt, [Ft. Worth, TX and Atlanta, GA: Dominion Press & American Vision Press, 1988], 272).

We need to remember or at least be told (if we don’t already know). That the world in which we live is under the Savior’s control. Our responsibility at this hour is to recognize that what we now are experiencing is either blessing and curse. Blessing in knowing that our lives are fragile things, a gift that should not be taken for granted. Curse…because our national sin is great indeed. All the privileges we endure as citizens of these United States of America were granted because of a humble spirit before our Maker. Do not think that they are by our own might. Our own hands did not gain us this wealth of life (cf. Deut 8.17-18), and if we refuse to repent we will learn this fact in due time.

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