The Old “New” State of Things

Words of wisdom from the past. Things we think are new are really old. We’ve been here before but our apathy to historic reality has paved the way of despondency and despair. Here I find the words of the late Bryon Sunderland in Benjamin Franklin Morris’ (magnum opus 1864) instructive that the current powers at be, which seek to rob citizens of their freedom and liberty, are merely minions of their former heritage. Each generation must fight its battles and if we have been paying attention culturally we should notice far too few of Christ’s men are willing to wage the war upon us.

We have abandoned, in great measure, the faith and practice of our ancestors, in putting aside from their lawful supremacy the Christian ordinances and doctrines. The natural result is, that we have corrupted our ways in all the circles of society and in all pursuits of life. (Bryon Sunderland, “Introduction” in The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States, p. 27)