Socialism for Dummies

**Socialism for dummies: You work hard, so that others can take what you earn**

 The promise is that rather than a monopolistic approach as in a capitalist economy where the private sector determines the overall outcome of benefits, you allow one centralized controlling body to make those determinations for you. Private property, assets and the ability to build lasting wealth, to be enjoyed and passed on to your offspring, is removed. The aforementioned centralized controlling body has the responsibility of making sure that societal needs are met. Healthcare, living wages, food and drink, clothing, choices of entertainment, media, press, education, etc. are funneled through this overarching arm of the government.

Doesn’t that sound great and wonderful!  All your wants and needs are provided for by your loving governmental overlords. All things are said to have no price tag—everything is free!—all because the evil capitalist monopoly is replaced by the omnibenevolent governmental monopoly.

Say what? I thought socialism was all about removing evil monopolies that plague capitalist societies! Nope, you’ve just replaced one with another.

Equality where Equality is not Warranted…

You work hard to be successful in your career, to provide for your family, to leave your mark upon the earth. You specialize in a specific field doing the work that others less qualified than you cannot do. You labor consistently, determinatively, and effectively but when pay day comes around you notice a discrepancy.

 Not only does the person who uses a broom or a toilet brush make the same as you, but the government takes most of what you earn to give to those “in need.” You know the bum that refuses to get out of bed, brush his teeth, put on work clothes and contribute to society. Doesn’t matter. He or she gets the same as you.

Realities that Need Considered…

You are left with a pittance. Your family is malnourished since the bread lines could only offer you some stale three-day old bread and some severely bruised turnips. Sorry, there is a shortage of meat. The government has determined that they have to cut down on the cattle crop because they fart too much and are destroying the earth. Your clothes are wearing out. They are too thin and holey, they look as if moths have been dining on them as if they were steak at the Golden Coral. But there’s a shortage there too. The government has determined that the production of cotton is too demoralizing since slaves in the south had to work in those fields in the past. Never mind that some of those slave owners were people of color, its just too insensitive to grow cotton in abundance or produce the necessary products made from it.

Oh…you’re too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Well, there’s an answer for that too. It has been determined by the centralized controlling body that air-conditioning is hazardous to the environment (you know destroying the ozone and leaving a carbon footprint), so it has had to be eliminated. The same determination has been provided by the all-good government in regards to natural gas, wood, coal and even electric to heat your home. Such dangers to our ecosystem need to be whittled down and done away with. Besides it’s not fair that underdeveloped countries have never really had access to such things; we need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, you know!

Arguments that Dupe the Ignorant…

“Why don’t they have access to such things,” you may be wondering? Because of greedy Westerner expansion and colonization. The West has destroyed the balance in the world. It has been a dark force for so long that poorer countries have been robbed of the good things in life. Things have been unequal for too long.

“No, it’s not because of tyrannical governments!” You say.

“How absurd! Everyone knows that the governments always have the people’s best interest in mind. Overlords? Please, we all know that the only true overlord’s in any society is the radically religious—in particular white Christianity. The concept of Christendom—Christ’s Kingship on Earth in all spheres of life—is the real culprit that has robbed humanity of its true dignity! Thankfully, we have socialistic sympathizers that have been willing to sacrifice so much for the rest of their fellow man!  They have led the heroic charge towards equality of life. Praise be the government, who takes care of all our needs and meets our every whim.

“Why, hasn’t socialism or its father communism not worked in the past?” you ask.  “What of the Nazis? Or Venezuela? Or Stalin and Lenin’s USSR? Or Pol Pots Cambodian’s campaign?” you say. Those are just poor examples, red-herrings if you will that evil capitalist sympathizers attempt to dredge up to sway popular opinion. They ignore all the good that was done under enlightened philosophy of Karl Marx and his faithful disciples. We have learned from their mistakes and are able to perfect the good that we know to be truly rooted in socialistic thought.

**Socialism for dummies: You work hard, so that others can take what you earn**

Life-sized Example…

“Jacob, if you mow the grass every week for the next month, I’ll give you ten dollars a week. Agreed?” “Yeah, dad that sounds good to me!”

After the month is over you hand Jacob the money. “You did great work son, here’s what was promised to you.” “Thanks, dad.” As Jacob turns to go his way, you stop him. “Hey Jacob, now that you’ve been paid for your labor, I need $30 back to give to your brothers and sisters.” Immediately, Jacob retorts, “but they didn’t work for the money I did. All they did was lay around the pool and play on their tablets eating popsicles while I was getting ate alive by pesky insects, getting sunburned, and sweating to death! That’s not fair!” You look at Jacob intently in the eyes and your voice comes out soft as honey from a comb, “It’s not fair that you get all that money when they have none. It wouldn’t be fair for them to watch you purchase things with money, when they have none to buy the things they want/need. Since you can’t see the good that needs to be done to keep things equal, then it is up to me to determine what is just.  It’s their money just as much as it is yours.”

Socialism regardless of the paper you wrap it in and the bow you place on it is nothing more than oppressive theft. The overarching centralized controlling body (i.e. the Federal government) is established as the omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent god over mankind. People say they hate theocratic rule, but what they fail to see is that all people bow down to something. All people desire to worship something. All people want to exalt something as god. Theocratic rule is a reality. The question is “who is God?” The ideologues on the left in our nation (who control the majority of social media, the press, our educational institutions, etc.) want to be your god. They want to rule your life and will go to great lengths to make sure their worldview is jammed down your throat. We are witnessing a generation that has forgotten our past, and what our forebearers fought to protect—human liberty and the rights granted to us from our true Creator; the Triune God of Scripture.

Closing Remarks…

Capitalism is not Christianity, but Christianity spawned capitalistic beliefs just as godless satanism spawned Marxist beliefs (i.e. communism, socialism). God says,

  • “a laborer is worthy of his/her wages” (1Tim 5.18; cf. Deut 24.14-15; Luke 10.7).[i]
  • “the man who does not work, does not deserve to eat” (2Thess 3.10; cf. Prov 19.15).
  • “such a person is worse than an infidel” (1Tim 5.8).

Though the God of the Bible is the Creator of all creation (Isa 40.28[ii]), He has given to mankind the exercise of dominion over the earth (Gen 1.28). He has blessed the man’s labors who acknowledge Him (Eccl 3.22; 9.7), and He promises to meet every want or need (Matt 6.33; cf. Psa 37.4[iii]). Like David, I would much rather suffer under the judgment of God entrusting myself to His mercy, than that of wicked people (1Chron 21.13).

If only we would investigate such things, we would find that the evidence is insurmountable. Governments that refuse to acknowledge the God of Scripture are bent towards tyrannical rule, enslaving the people under them, demanding that they alone are to be worshiped.

Socialism and every offshoot branch that comes from that tree, which is rooted in communistic ideals, is for dummies not the wise. Will you not be wise?


[i] These Scripture verses are paraphrases not taken from one specific English translation.

[ii] Also see: Isa 33:22; 43.15 and 1Tim 1.17; Rev. 17.14; 19.16 in reference to Him as the great King of kings and Lord of Lords.

[iii] This does not mean that God grants whatever desire a person has. The context of this Psalm illustrates that the “desires” spoken of that God grants are those that are in line with His own heart/will. God grants to those who seek His Namesake. Those that delight in God’s Name—His desires—find a granting of their petition; cf. John 14.13-14.