The Intolerant Nature of the Modern Tolerance Movement

People are allowed to have and speak their views. At least, that is what we hear being said today. The freedom of speech is precious and vital to the American way of life. Or so it is reported.

But what about Political Correctness, what is that?

You are free to speak your views unless and as long as others are not offended by them. Offend the hearer, and you have the right to remain silent. If you fail to observe this right, then what you say can and will be used against you in the public forum; and if that is not enough, the court of law.

But, is it not true that anything I say may be offensive to another? So then, should we not all, if we are going to be consistent, shut out mouths?

Words have meaning and they designate meaning to persons, places or things—including the philosophies that we hold. Anything said, any word spoken has the potential to offend someone. All people have beliefs—opinions, superstitions, and convictions—that they dearly hold onto. To speak in opposition to those beliefs is to run the risk of offending or hurting someone’s feelings. The truth is “not talking” offers no real help, for I have found that remaining silent can also offend. In the past, people have labeled me arrogant and/or cocky because I did not speak. Being an introvert by nature there are times and occasions where I find silence to be a godsend. When meeting new people, I tend to listen and watch rather than involve myself in a lot of dialogue. This has caused some to be offended by me.

The only way to live in this world and not offend another is to go ahead and cease to exist—i.e. to die. Of course, I imagine there may be some who will complain about this as well.

If you are truly tolerant and believe people should have the freedom to express their views without fear of being ostracized or labeled a bigot, then to be consistent you need to be willing to bear the opposing views of others with gentleness and respect. You must be willing to listen to viewpoints different than your own without shouting them down. You may not like what they have to say. You may vehemently oppose their beliefs. However, the moment you seek to silence them you show that what you really want is not “tolerance,” but “submission.” Submission to your belief as if you are a god so that you can dictate what is right and wrong. Anyone who fails to hold your standard is to be punished. In that moment, you reveal your own intolerance, and that you are an irrational bigot that refuses to live by the very standard you profess to be true. Your truth then is a lie, and you are revealed as a liar.

Not surprising from a biblical perspective, but hey what does that old dusty book know anyway? I mean it’s not like the 1st amendment is based on anything written in the Bible? Oh, wait a minute…the 1st amendment does come from a Christian worldview based on what the Scriptures teach!

In the near future I hope to have more to add to this topic….