Countering the Culture of Wokeness – The American Vision

Using the right word to get an unfamiliar and sometimes unpopular and counter-culture idea across to people is tactical. If someone wants to hide what is really going on, words that can mean almost anything are often used to serve as an ideological cover for repressive programs and ideologies. The word “gay” and the use of a rainbow flag offer cover for what the practice of homosexuality is all about. We almost never hear anyone describe homosexuality in terms of same-sex behavior.
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When I don’t have time to write, I read. Here lately in order to make sure my family is cared for I have–for the most part–laid aside my writing, even though, it is something I have grown to love. But, I still make sure that my day is filled with another great pastime, one that quickens the mind…reading. Gary DeMar has been a great gift to the Christian Church. His writings are unashamedly to the point; yet touched with the grace and truth of Christ. His insight, which was undoubtedly sharpened by the various stalwarts of the faith that God’s Providence put in his path (Gary North, Greg Bahnsen, etc.), hits the issue of worldviews with tremendous force. Though there are others I read his works are at the top of my list. Hope you enjoy.