Apologetics Session 5: Thinking about Worldview in Apologetics

Establish the need: What is a worldview? And what does it matter? Purpose: We will look at four focus to help us think about worldview in apologetics…

Apologetics Session 5: Thinking about Worldview in Apologetics

Really appreciated this breakdown of worldviews: What they are and how they operate, as well as, how the Christian should interact with them. I’m hoping you all will to. God Bless.


  1. A true worldview is something that only astronauts have, especially those on the space station literally has. How that blue planet got there is another story. That is what my little book is about. Don’t know about apologetics, but I do know a little Physics and Math and how Einstein proved God and creation. One can read my little book for free on my site or they can get a paperback copy from “My Little Book” page. I paid to have it published again, updated, as it was originally published in 2008. Paid then too. Still haven’t recovered cost, but that’s OK. It’s out there now!




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