The Authority of True Revival

Introduction A.W. Tozer once said that if revival means more of what we have going on now, then we most certainly do not need revival. But we do in …

The Authority of True Revival

Excellent article. Well worth the read.

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  1. At the time of the second coming, revival may become removal of the reproachable for a new stage set for the reprobates to be refined as gold and silver is with fire. Good article about revival being nothing more than recharging the same old battery. Renewal is what is needed! Coming out of Babylon means to leave the Babylonian baggage in Babylon and not to carry it to new lands as many of the Children of Israel did when coming out of Egypt. How long did it take them after coming out of Egypt before they drug out their Egyptian baggage the gold looted to make a golden calf? Sure, they were told to loot the Egyptians of their gold, but what did they do with it? LOLGB+


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