Would Jesus be Woke Today? – The American Vision

Matthew Dowd who was the chief strategist for the re-election campaign of former President George W. Bush who’s now running as a Democrat in the Texas lieutenant governor’s race implied in a tweet that conservatives and Republicans would criticize Jesus as being “woke” if He were alive today. Given the definition of being woke, Jesus would denounce it since it’s being used to promote racial division in the name of “social justice.
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By Gary DeMar at American Vision.

This article reveals what occurs when foolish people attempt to interpret the Bible in order to justify a social(istic) issue like Wokeism. In short, their argument, proposition or premise falls flat on its face because it’s false–Dr. Kristafal Miller

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  1. I agree! Woe to the mockers who mock, for they will be tarred and feathered. How’s this for a definition of Wokeism: the pot calling the kettle black. (Phillip’s Common Sense Country Dictionary – PCSCD) Also: Wokeismist – one who practices wokeism. Guess one can put the suffix “ism” on just about any word and find an “ist” to practice it. New word for PCSCD: ismist – one who practices an ism. Oh well, that pretty much takes care of todays humor itch. LOLGB+

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