Do Masks Work? | City Journal

A review of the evidence
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As the hysteria continues to surge over a respiratory virus that will never go away, I wonder how long the average citizen in our society will allow bad reasoning to rule the day?

Courage begets courage, but ignorance begets ignorance. Far too many lack the courage to live freely, but a larger number by far seems to revel in their ignorance. Not only has this subject matter become a “taboo conversation piece,” but people would rather follow the tune of the Pied Piper elites than to weigh the evidence available. I know that some of this fault falls on the Big Tech companies censoring much of the counter assessment of the available evidence, but we have allowed them to have that power. We are continuing to march towards the sort of slavery that bends the spine and scrapes the knees. How long will it go on? As long as we allow it.

Fact is masks do a poor job of preventing access to microscopic materials. This was true of N-95 masks when I worked a decade in construction. They used to have a warning on the packages. Some still do. Although the number has shrunk. Why was it important for a construction worker to know that N-95 offered little to no protection against microscopic materials? One word…asbestos. You know the cancer causing agent that attaches itself to the lungs. The lungs try to remove it and protect the body. Scar tissue results when it cannot be removed and then years later cancer visits. Viruses are smaller than asbestos…but…hey, what do I know.

Stop buying crap and thinking your getting Coco Wheats. Stop covering your eyes and ears and shouting down the truth. Masks DO NOT work in stopping the spread of respiratory viruses. How long are you planning on living on your knees?