Hoaxy Rantus: A Bird’s Eye View of the COVID-2020 response…

COVID-19 IS A HOAX. No, the virus is real, but the response to it is so overblown that I am amazed at how many people keep believing the current narrative. Let’s look at the facts.

At the beginning of this pandemic we did not know a lot about this particular strain of Corona virus. And the initial reports coming out by the experts acknowledged that since this strain was new it had the real potential of sweeping through the world’s population. Various models were created which estimated huge loses if mitigation was not used, but even still the death numbers were said to be higher than anything we’d seen since, perhaps, the Spanish Flu (early 1900’s).

The media reported this information, some politicians, either because they saw an opportunity or because they were personally alarmed, started talking about possible limitations being placed on businesses and the people in general. Which in turn alarmed the rest of the population, specifically parents who had their children in the public school system. This had the negative effect of certain governor’s calling for school closures. Driving the mindset of many further down the panic hole. And so, it was then recommended that we shut down (temporarily) our coming and going. Businesses that weren’t deemed essential where closed (again, temporarily), and travel was strongly discouraged and in some locals restricted.

A few words before I continue…

I have some thoughts on the media and the politicians at this point. Some observations that I have noticed for a while now, but those observations were highlighted with a BOLD YELLOW highlighter at the beginning of this pandemic. I suppose it would be germane to the conversation to add the experts into this little ball as well (those scientists, medical professionals and statisticians). They are gossiping busybodies. The media, before all the pertinent information comes in, breaks their neck to tell you what is going on in the world. They don’t actually know, but they think it is a strong possibility, and they blurt it out blathering about this or about that like a young journalist writing an op-ed piece for STAR magazine. Politicians are no better. Most of them anyway. For they are seen doing the very same thing. They run off the media’s reporting, when all the facts are yet to come in, and they lean on the experts who are just as much in the dark as the rest of the populace. But they can’t admit that they don’t know. No, no that would make them look incompetent or something. This becomes abundantly clearer when we see that once they make a mistake, or they draw a wrong conclusion, they refuse to announce it. Instead, after sweeping it under the rug, they buckle down and keep driving through the mess, acting all the while that someone else is responsible for spilling the drink.

Back to the COVID-19 response Timeline…

So, once everyone is worked up into a frenzy we hear about the brilliant plan to “Flatten-the-curve.” That will solve the current dilemma that we are facing. Or, so we are told. The goal of this objective is to lighten the load on our healthcare workers. Restrictions are put in place on businesses and common folk. At this time people start asking questions about PPE (personal protective equipment). Again, a media driven narrative. (Amazing how we are incapable of thinking on our own unless some other above us does it for us!)

The response is initially unanimous, “Masks don’t offer much protection.” Just keep your distance from another (the magic 6-foot of social distancing), wash your hands regularly, and if you’re feeling unwell…stay away from others. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Burke, the CDC and the WHO, along with the Surgeon General all agreed that wearing a mask might make the wearer feel safe (a false sense of protection/security), but would do little to stop the spread of the virus.

Remember, that at the beginning of this thing we were told that everyone was going to get it. It was a new strain of a familiar virus (yes, that is correct the Corona virus family has been around for a long, long time. Check your Lysol bottle. Not to mention that this family of virus’ is the reason why some get the common cold, or the seasonal flu—not stomach virus).

Back to the goal…

So, after a 4-week (some places 6 weeks, I think) shut down, states started preparing to reopen closed businesses. By this time the economy was in a slump. Many small businesses couldn’t handle the heavy load of being closed that long, and had to close their doors permanently. Those that had survived faced the unfortunate reality of additional “guidelines” that needed to be put in place in order to reopen “safely.” Places needed to be marked on the floor to demonstrate to the public what 6-feet looked like. Limitations were placed on the number of occupants allowed in the building at a given time (arbitrarily set by different places, even when the space was virtually identical from one place to another). All the sudden, about mid-summer masks became a necessity. No new evidence was produced that proved their efficacy, but as a supposed safeguard to slow-the-spread, more and more politicians and health departments started putting their voices behind enforcing them.

Changing Goal Post’s throughout…

What I find absolutely amazing is that during this whole venture (a nightmare in many respects) is the way that the goal posts kept getting further and further in the distance. Like the rainbow that you may have chased when you were a kid, no matter how close you get to it, the farther it is from your reach. Incapable of closing the gap, you eventually give up the pursuit.

Every other week the narrative continued to change and adapt (in a negative way) as more and more information came out about this novel virus. First it was to keep massive death from happening on American soil (an estimated 2.2 million by the modeling experts). Then it was to limit the stress put on the medical field. Extra facilities were built that were largely used. Limitations were put on the services that medical practitioners could provide. Surgeries and various other medical treatments were suspended in order to keep rooms open for the mass influx of COVID patients about to plague communities. Ventilators were created in mass quantities in order to help those in dire need. Outdoor COVID tents and testers were fixed outside of hospitals. If you need to visit a sick or ailing family member at this time you were denied access. Many people were separated from one another at a time when we need others close to us.

Why? To keep others safe. To keep down the spread. To protect the vulnerable. All noble sounding sentiments, but were they justified?

As the death rates continued to drop nation wide, the media and politicians shifted their narrative once again. Now it is a high case load that we are to be concerned about. Bear in mind that conservative numbers have the survival rate if one gets this virus anywhere from 99.2-99.9%. Even the weak and vulnerable among us have over a 99% survival rate if they contract the virus. This makes the virus no more deadly than the common flu. Which oddly enough, if you pay attention to the current tracking of influenza this year you will notice it is down considerably even though we are now in the upswing of when that type of ailment begins hitting the population.

We have went from avoiding mass death, to avoiding bogging down the medical field, to reducing the number of positive cases being recorded. The numbers we are seeing in state and national totals are cumulative. This means that the “numbers” are being vastly exaggerated. Not to mention a high false positive rate. An inability to delineate between one corona virus strain from another. And, let us not forget the lie that asymptomatic people may be one of the worst culprits in spreading the disease.

A little thoughts on being asymptomatic…

Asymptomatic means “no symptoms.” Normally this means you are not ill. Every time your body comes into contact with a pathogen (bacteria or virus) your immune system identifies (more than likely) that a foreign entity has trespassed. And like Klingon’s in the neutral zone your body goes into warp speed to attack the invader. Pathogens that present no real threat are quickly done away with. This is the result of a strong immune system. We do not identify that type of person as clinically sick. Sick people present symptoms because their body is having a hard time fighting off the invader. When a person gets the flu this will result in a variety of symptoms such as loss of taste, stuffed nose, high fever, muscle and joint pain (aches), sore throat and possible cough. Not all symptoms are always present, but some form of symptom is present when a person is clinically sick (infected).

There has been much talk about a vaccine. Vaccines are wonderful innovations that help our body’s fight off foreign invaders. The Small Pox vaccine for example was not small miracle. Vaccinated persons, when the vaccine has worked in helping the human body build up its immune system against a particular invader, are asymptomatic people. Why? Because their immune systems have been trained to fight, and since the fight is easy, there are no symptoms. Such people are identified as clinically healthy.

I’m sure I’ve oversimplified some things. I’m not a medical doctor. But, I do know how to read (a particular past time that I do quiet regularly, with much joy I might add).

Current Scenarios…

Here are some notable facts. (1) We are testing more now than ever. More testing means more positive cases being identified. (Think of shining a light in a cockroach invested structure. You don’t seem them when the lights off, but when you turn the light on you see them running in all directions). Testing for Corona virus means that we are shining the light on a particular pathogen.

(2) A positive test is NOT a clinical infection. Many people who are tested positive have no symptoms. They feel fine. This has been reported, but ignored. If a person is not symptomatic, then they are NOT coughing or sneezing or wiping their nose before they touch something. There has been no link scientifically that an asymptomatic person can spread anything.

(3) “What if?” scenario’s are a dime-a-dozen. They are fine when one can identify direct cause and effect, when a correlation between one activity or another can be demonstrated, but they are utterly pointless when those factors cannot be established. Jesus provides a “What if” scenario to those who would be His disciples: “If you love me, then you will keep my commands” (John 14.15). The condition “love” is met when a true disciple is obedient to Christ’s Law-Word. If the person in question is one who “lives” in sin (i.e., lawlessness, disobedience), then they are not a disciple of Christ. Saying “what if an asymptomatic person can spread an illness?” is a baseless hypothetical situation. No evidence exists to verify whether or not the question is valid. They may, they may not, but we don’t live our day-to-day life in this fashion. “What if I get in car crash today?” is a question we may toss around in our mind, but we still drive our car. Unless we are agoraphobic.

(4) We are giving up our freedoms for the false promise of safety. We are allowing fear (in all its various forms, no doubt different in a case-by-case assessment) to dominate our action. We are paralyzed, and the powers that be are stripping you bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece of your constitutional rights. Ohio has a curfew from 10p.m. to 5a.m., why? You can take your mask off when you eat and drink, but not when your not doing those things. There is a limitation placed on who may be served. This is true in restaurants, or other business establishments. But the Airlines do not (or at least did not when I flew this summer) have such restrictions. The plane is full, and you are told that you must wear a mask, but you can take it off if you are eating or drinking. Do you stop breathing when you do either one of those activities? No. But I thought asymptomatic people can spread the virus? I though 6-feet of social distancing is what protected you? None of which mean a hill of beans when you are in a giant aluminum tube 30,000 plus feet in the atmosphere, sharing the same recycled air with everyone else. If you can smell a fart, then you are breathing in the vapors of others around you.

Also, you evidently can’t dance or stand, unless you are at Biden-Harris celebration rally. You can stand as they officiate the wedding in Ohio, but you must sit down when its time to eat in celebration of the Bride and Groom. What is scary…and this is the last thing I will say, since this has turned into a bit of an unending rant (I could go on…), is that they’ve went from telling us what we can do at our place of business, in the public arena, but now they are gunning for what you do in your homes. They have so narrowed the scope of their focus, that now how you live in your own house has—in their eyes—fallen into their domain of power.

When will the American people say “Enough is enough!”? (Some are already doing this). When will we see a unified effort of civil disobedience, peacefully demonstrated with great conviction? (Again, pockets of resistance are forming). Or will we continue to allow our freedoms to be stripped for the false promise of being “safe?”