Some Necessary House Cleaning: Time to Take out the Trash

Dirty diapers are meant to be thrown away. Filthy hands are meant to be clean. Messy mouths are meant to be wiped. Everyone in agreement? Good.

As children we get dirty playing outside, eating our desserts, and pooping our pants. And as children we are constantly being taught that when something gets dirty or messy we do our best to clean it up. We brush our teeth in order to remove germs and remnants of food from our last meal. We take a shower to remove some of the sediments that have acquired on our bodies throughout the day due to our work or play. We wash our dishes after our meals. We clean our clothes in the laundry. We clean our workspace after doing our daily labors.

There is a common proverb that goes something like this: “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” This is not a biblical proverb, even though many grow up thinking that it is. Regardless, it does teach a valuable lesson. Just as one will never be able to approach their Creator without holiness, which is purity/cleanliness from sin (Heb 12.10; only possible by the way through Jesus Christ–the Holy One of God; Mark 1.24). One will never be appealing in terms of sight or smell if they do not clean. Let’s be honest when life is a mess, not many like it; at least not the sane ones.

Growing up we had house cleaning on Saturday’s. We were supposed to clean our room and our bathrooms every day during the week. But on the weekend we would have to get the wood polish, glass cleaner and Ajax out to do a much more thorough cleaning. Though I hated this routine when I was a child growing up in my parents home, it taught me some valuable lessons.

One area of life that is said to be dirty business is politics. My grandpa used to say that politicians were some of the worst people—“They’re all a bunch of liars!” he’d retort. Sadly, he wasn’t wrong. His solution, however, was. It was a throw your hands up in the air and just live with the mess that you’ve been given—“because you ain’t going to change it!”–mentality.

Unfortunately, this attitude is infectious. A lot of people have adopted it. Politics is dirty, politicians are liars, they are greedy no good for nothin’s, and so we throw our hands up in the air and give in to the situation before us. From a Christian perspective I can see where a person’s eschatology adds the conviction that this is the ONLY way to look at our cultural climate. The type of person who says, “Things are just going to get worse and worse…so what’s the point!”

The point is that we do not treat the rest of our lives this way, so why compartmentalize the area of politics in sphere of civil government? Why adopt a “we can’t do anything about it anyway attitude?” Why give up before we start?

If politics is dirty business, then it should be our business to clean them up. If politicians are liars and are greedy no good for nothin’s, then we ought to make it our business finding better candidates for the job. And if there aren’t any, then maybe we ought to start running for political office ourselves!

Stop whining and start doing. If you are the praying sort (and if you’re a Christian, then you should be), then pray while you are actively involved in making change. I was listening to Gary DeMar’s podcast this week and he noted how the Left in our nation never quit fighting. The Democratic Party does not give up.

This got me thinking about life in general. In Psalm 2 we are given the rhetorical question: “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?” (Psa 2.1; ESV). The reason is because they look at the world that God has created and it makes them sick. God has made the world as a place where His image might be reflected in every corner of creation. God desires for His light to shine everywhere; in every place. Unbeliever’s have the same desire. They rage, they fight, they kick and cuss because they want the world to reflect their image.

I was once asked the following question during a Bible study: “If Satan knows God and he knows he can’t beat God, then why does Satan keep on fighting against his Maker?” Because Satan’s desire is to win. He does not know how to quit fighting. He’s insane. He knows who God is. He’s seen what God can do time and time again since the beginning. But, being the father of lies, he’s deceived himself into thinking that if he just tries one more time, then maybe this time…he’ll win.

He won’t. Not ever. But, this will not keep him from fighting.

Those on the Left in this country are of the same mentality. They are socialists and communists at heart. It does not matter if they loose this battle here (say in the Trump 2020 campaign for president), or that battle over there, they will keep fighting. Sometimes conservatives wonder amongst themselves as to why anyone would adopt a Marxist mindset. It has NEVER worked in the past, anywhere at any time. It has failed every time it has been adopted as the ideology of those in leadership. Bread lines, unemployment, poor living conditions, and widespread death is its legacy, but we find people still pushing it forward as the golden grail to save humanity. Why? Because those who believe in it love it enough to fight for it. And like any fighter worth their salt they will bite, claw, pull hair, and gut you like a fish if presented an opportunity.

Why do we not have the same mentality on the Right? Why are conservative’s, Why are Evangelical Christians so wishy-washy? Is our Lord not the Lord of the Battlefield?

“When you go out to war against your enemies…you shall not be afraid of them, for the Lord your God is with you…” (Deut 20.1; ESV).

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle” (Psa 144.1; ESV).

We are commanded to fight. Why? So that in victory we not only give God glory, but we do so by ordering this world in a manner that reflects His light into every corner of creation.

Now you may not like the tone or the manner in which I am speaking. You may not agree with the concept of the Christian faith as a clarion call for war against those who rage against justice, peace, mercy, goodness and love. You may feel that your Christianity needs to be stowed and locked in your private prayer closet, your home or maybe in your local church, but not in the public arena. If that is your conviction you are wrong. You have been cowed into believing what the wicked in this world want you to believe, as they go about stealing your freedoms. If you do not begin to fight now when you still have the ability to do so on your feet, then you will be crying in agony on your knees as you are shackled by the oppression of your oppressors.

Oh, have we learned nothing from the lessons of Israel? Were they not sold into slavery by God into the hands of their enemies, because they rejected the order to fight for righteousness? Yes! That is precisely why they were enslaved by those who worshiped gods of stone, wood and metal, images made in the hearts of men…not gods at all. And do we think that we will fare any better because we are fearful to get our hands dirty in cleaning up the mess in our society. Please…wake up. Please get out and vote. Participate in this grand experiment called American liberty while you still are able. For the weight of your inactivity will weigh heavy upon the heads of your children and grandchildren!

This election year is about much more than Trump or Biden. It is the choice between a Marxist ideology that wants to rip this nation apart piece-by-piece, silencing the Christian Church (if it must with great force), and freedom to fight tyranny for at least four more years. If the language is not clear enough. The draconian lock-downs, the fear mongering, the race-baiting, the riots, pillaging and terrorist activities fall in line with the makeup of one party alone—The Democrat’s. Though the Republicans have their own sins to answer for, they are much lighter in the scales of judgment in terms of outright hatred for that which is good than their counterparts. So, unlike John Piper I will tell you who you ought to vote for—Trump 2020.