Needing a Backbone

Each governor has a limited sphere of influence.

As individuals we govern our own lives not the lives of others. As parents (father and mother) we govern our households and not the homes of others. Elders govern the congregation they’ve been called to, but they do not govern a congregation they have not been called to. A mayor governs the village, town or city that they are elected to, but they do not govern other villages, towns or cities. A state governor has authority to govern their state territory, but not the citizenry of another state.

Each governing body–be they the individual or a magistrate (governing official)–is limited in authority in their own sphere of influence. A “governor” cannot go outside of the boundary of their domain. The application of this truth goes beyond family, church and state. An employer or a team owner or a director or the president of a bank each are responsible for governing their own areas of influence, but not those areas of influence outside they particular sphere. The owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot govern the goings on in Pepsi.

Such things ought to be common sense. We are faced with this reality every day. But what if the Federal Government? Are they limited in authority? Or do they reign over all? They (their various governmental heads) are limited in their authority too, just like all others.

We are living in a time where one class of citizens (in all three spheres of governing influence; family, church and state) are seeking to govern all others. They have no regard for the rule of law. One of the most sacred laws we have, a guiding principle that is universal in scope to all of humanity, is the right to life.

No one not even the federal government has the right to take that life. And while it is true that a certain class of criminals forfeits their right to live (I.e., the death penalty). Babies in the woman do not fit the bill.

It is about high time that those on governing authority grew a backbone! They will trip over their own feet in their way to their knees before wicked people who only want to watch the world burn as they bathe themselves in the blood of our offspring, but they struggle to sag “No, I won’t listen to you. You have no authority here.” This requires a backbone. We need to have one personally. And we need fellow governs to have one as well.