‘Socialism for Thee but not for Me’

The following article, ‘Socialism for Thee but not for Me’, was first published on Gary DeMar. Socialism doesn’t work, so it’s surprising that some …

‘Socialism for Thee but not for Me’

We live in an age of virtue signaling. I’m pretty sure that has always been a norm for a large sector of society in every age. Being sinners we like to dictate what others do, how they think and speak. And as sinners we hate the wealth of others, not because we really hate wealth, but because others have acquired more than we.

Socialism and it’s beautiful twins communism and totalitarianism eagerly embrace controlling others, stealing wealth (and distributing it to others), and censoring all forms of dissent. Like a peacock it puffs up its illustrious tail feathers (a mirage) in order to entice others. Oddly the three types of people that it entwines with its dogmatic ideology are the ignorant (historically speaking), the power hungry (tyrants, despots and the like), and the emotionally driven (pride, envy, guilt stricken over their own status in life, fearful, etc.).

Gary DeMar normally offers insightful observations taken from our culture in comparison with our history/heritage of a nation founded on biblical roots. In this excellent post he puts a flashlight on the types of people that embrace the foolish governmental power grab prevalent in our current culture. Take note of who these people are and where they come from (I.e., position in life), pay attention to the presuppositions that’s drive them. And then weigh the wisdom of their words in light of biblical revelation and a biblical worldview.

Are these the sort of people we want to listen to?