Musings on Confronting Challenges and a Preview of Things to Come

There are many ways that you might approach life’s challenges.  There is the noncommittal response—the neutral approach. There is the “guns’-blazing, no holds barred” response—the aggressive approach.  There is the, “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that” response—the ignoring approach. There is the, “Well, they really don’t know what they are talking about” response—the passive-aggressive approach. There is the “Actually, according to this source you show yourself to be an ignoramus” response—what I like to call the ivory tower, scholarly approach.

I tend to be a bit of a plodder. Like the stubborn donkey, I tend to be methodical in how I deal with various challenges that arise in my life.  And like the donkey, I am not easily pushed or persuaded from the position that I hold. I suppose some might find this characteristic of my personality to be a bit tiresome, but I won’t apologize for it. Actually, I believe that all the aforementioned responses above are necessary at times when the situation calls for it.  Just as we don’t wear the same type of footwear for every activity that we do, neither should we feel compelled to handle every situation the exact same.  As one person said, much wiser than myself, “there is a season for everything…under the sun” (Eccl 3.1; paraphrased).

The One consistent, stable, static thing regardless of what the situation calls for is the Rock upon which we stand. The foundation that we build upon must be solid, and the materials that we choose to build with must be of the finest source, but the way in which we labor and toil will differ from degree-to-degree depending upon the circumstantial conditions. In this the wise person will be one who discerns the times and or occasions they face, and acts appropriately (cf. 1Chr 12.32).

Now it took me a long time to get where I was going over the last few posts, but I am finally to the point which spurned me to write what I have previously written. There are a few issues that I hope to tackle in the coming weeks—the Lord allowing and my schedule permitting. The following topics are within my current purview: Apologetic Foundations—Philosophy and/or Biblical Exegesis, Mere Christianity and its Whittled down form, The Value of Christ’s Resurrection, etc.

Some of these topics will necessarily run together and overlap, and I may shorten or lengthen the discussion as I feel necessary. As for the number of written documents over the course of the next few weeks…that’ll depend on how well I finish other important projects I have going on at this time.  But there is my proposed plan, for those who are interested. I hope you stay tuned, read the content and if you find it necessary comment your agreements or disagreements.

Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day!