So Education Making you Dumber? A Question of Gender

So, the other day I was making my way back home with three kids in tow from their annual dentist appointments, and as I normally do, I turned the dial to AM talk radio. The kids always love when I do that. It wasn’t too terribly long before 2 of the 3 dozed off for a nap. The program is pretty famous for its speaker and the golden microphone from which he speaks. His excellence in broadcasting (EIB) is known by many, but it was the topic he was discussing that I wanted to take a few moments to address.

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I wanted to put my words/thoughts “on-the-line” out into the realm of them “internets.” Over the past few months there have been several things that have taken place which deserve our attention. There have been a few that I’ve toyed with the notion of writing on, and I still may, but what I want to discuss for the moment is the current “transgender” debate going on in our nation.

Recently the Pew Research group published a poll they had conducted on the question of transgenderism.[i] In particular the poll revealed the great divide between Americans as to whether or not our sex is determined by birth. While, the majority of people in the United States do believe our gender is determined by our undercarriage and the particular set of chromosomes we have (XX= female; XY=Male), it is a small majority.

Interestingly, depending on where you stand politically, determines how far to which side you lean. The majority of Democrats believe gender is an issue of choice. Moreover, the higher the democrat education level, the more committed they are to saying sex (gender) is subjective to an individual’s state of mind—i.e. their opinion. Whereas, nearly eight out of ten Republicans, regardless of their education level, disagreed. They believe, when the doctor holds you up on the day of your birth your tidbits offer a pretty substantial idea of what you are; either male or female.

Before I continue I want to clarify something. The poll focuses on the divide in political parties, and that is fine, but for me politics is a secondary issue. Though, I’ve voted Republican in the past, I am not satisfied with either party. Both are wishy washy on issues, and therefore have a difficult time standing firm when the political breezes blow. Be that as it may, the poll did reveal something that needed to be highlighted.

There is a word that has gone out of vogue in recent years because of political correctness: retarded. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary the term means, “slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress.” Unfortunately, this is the only word that I can think of which accurately assess the current mental capacity of some individuals in this nation. If my grandpa were still alive he would call them, “College educated idiots!” I realize using the term retarded is highly offensive. I also realize that there will be some who will try to force their assumptions on me. Saying that “I am being very unchristian for using that word to label certain individuals.” Even if I am accurately describing the current level of thought practiced by such people today as retarded.

Honestly, I am not overly concerned and find myself questioning the credibility of such individuals anyway. Normally, the person who is offended by a Christian calling a “spade a spade” are quick to label Christians who stand firmly on the Word of God the following colorful adjectives: bigoted, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, hate-mongers, etc.

Please bear in mind when I say the current level of thought is retarded, I am not name calling. I’m not launching a personal attack. However, I am drawing attention to the fact that rather than being wiser and more intelligent after attending colleges and universities, the opposite seems to be occurring in our society!

Nor am I being insensitive to those who have either been born with this physical limitation or have family members or friends who suffer from mental-retardation (or if you prefer the more p.c. phrase mentally-disabled). My intent is not malicious or purposefully hurtful. I would not make fun of a kid (or an adult) who was born without limbs, ears, eyes or any other appendage. I live in the same world that you do. I too have been blessed with such individuals in my life; either, personally or through friendship. My heart empathizes/sympathizes with those people.

That being said, I still have to honestly ask the question: If not retarded, then what?

What do you call someone with a higher than high school education, who cannot figure out the difference between a boy and a girl? Who does not know when that dividing line is possessed? Is the world so topsy-turvy that people are not able to discern basic biological facts of life? What else do you call such narrow-minded, thick-headedness, if not retarded?

Logically, if the poll conducted by the Pew Research group is accurate, then it would seem the higher the education level, the dumber we become as a society. Of course, I realize where you attend and the worldview that guides the school’s ideology will determine whether or not you’ll grow wiser over the course of your studies. Unfortunately, few fail to consider this truth.

Although, if your conviction is that we cannot truly say who is male or female, regardless of what they come packaged with when they enter the world, then I am not even sure you are capable of figuring out who is born with a mentally-retarded defect. Maybe they just choose to be that way! (For those who do not follow and need it spelled out, dripping sarcasm is intended with such a statement).

Little kids are capable of figuring out what the dunderheads in our society cannot. I remember when some of my kids were little they would point to various animals and say “birdie!” or “kitty cat!” or “dog!” As toddler’s they were able to identify (correctly I might add) what various categories of animals were based on a few simple observations. And yet, our society has degraded to the point where there are many who are incapable of such a feat.

The very same people who refuse to acknowledge that sex is determined by birth, are the same ones who argue that babies are not babies until the mother says so (her opinion counts). The fetus is not considered a human being until he/she has breathed a few breaths on their own. Science has determined that what resides in the womb of a woman is a baby from conception. Biologically that babe is a human being from the moment of fertilization. This newly formed creature is made up of male and female DNA (oops, did I just say that we can know the difference?), but has its own DNA strand identifying the babe as a separate entity. However, we leave the final arbitration of truth up to the subjective opinions of people?!?

Likewise, these same people will vehemently argue that homosexuality (or lesbianism) is an issue of birth and not choice! Well which is it? Are you born gay or do you choose to be gay?  Honestly, can we even say that there is a category anymore for the homosexual? Being born gay presupposes that you know the differences of what makes a male and female? Yet, if we cannot accurately determine our sexual identity (gender) until we are old enough to choose and know the difference (i.e. distinguish between what makes a male versus a female), then how can we say any homosexual is born gay? The distinction has been eradicated by such contradictory thinking.

Homosexuality or any other strand of sexual orientation from the LGBT movement is a choice made by the person in question. This may be deduced from the many who formerly professed such a lifestyle, but are now identified as heterosexual. You know the type of sex where the parts actually fit (go) together. Unfortunately, those individuals are either ignored or shouted down for daring to say their previous choices of sex were choices at all! One such individual was refused a job at New Mexico State University as the ladies’ basketball coach—Camille LeNoir.[ii]

What really bothers me through all of this is that far too many remain silent. They refuse to get into the argument (debate). Why? Fear. Which my last couple of posts kind of lay the groundwork for.

People were angry at Trump for saying some people are going to be held accountable for how they live and eventually go to hell. They accused him of being hateful and intolerant, all the way they were doing what they were angrily accusing him of. You hear the same debate regarding religious views. All are acceptable save one…Christianity. The only way we’ll accept Christianity is if Christianity stays in doors and keeps her mouth shut. Even if you’re not a Christian and you voice an opinion in opposition to what is popularly adhered to in American culture, you run the risk of being ostracized by people you work with, family, and friends (take for example Canadian professor Jordan Peterson).

Now, for many that is a cost too high to pay, and so out of fear they remain quiet. Granted, the reason behind the silence will be different by varying degrees depending on the individual in question. However, if you are a professing-Christian you have only two options: 1) renounce your profession in Jesus 2) pick up the torch and take a stand.

This does not mean being hateful towards such people is acceptable. Christians are commanded to love their enemies. Why is that important? Because loving friends is easy, but loving those who hate you by being willing to stand and declare the truth…that’s real love. Christ sets the bar exceptionally high for those who call themselves Christians.

The days are soon approaching when putting your head in the sand like the corky ostrich is quickly fading. When someone brings up this subject, do not be afraid to exercise your right to speak. For the Christian, this is the testimony in His Name that determines whether we are ashamed or not. Ignoring this debate will not make it disappear, your only option if you want to change the outcome is to get involved. May God grant His children the courage to do so.

**After some careful consideration, I decided to add this last paragraph to stress that this post is not an attack on those individuals who may be struggling with this sin. Nor, am I personally seeking to harm those who desire to love and help those people in their lives who are confused over their true gender.  In the beginning God made human beings male and female, in the His Image He created us. Our value does not come from things or even what we may believe about ourselves, our value comes from the fact that we are His creation and He has made us special. The purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to save people from their sins (what we think and the actions that we do). The gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope and love. You are not so far gone in your sin that Jesus cannot save you. And so, while I may be attacking the ideology of certain people and at the same time reminding myself and other Christians that silence is not an option on this issue (or any other for that matter), if a non-Christian stumbles upon this post I want them to know that I love them as they are and so I am unwilling to not tell them they (you) are wrong.


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