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Discerning Truth from Error

It is the role of the Christian to not only stand for truth but decipher it from the swamp of information that plaques us on a daily basis. I was asked by a dear friend, “With all the misinformation out there on both sides–the radicals on the left and right–how are we to know what is true?” A pertinent question. One that demands an answer. In getting to the truth we must weigh the source and the intended result from the information that they share. We must measure in our minds what the underlying presuppositions might be. We are to hold their known character in the light and view what has been told by the light of God’s Word. Our Lord is not the author of confusion. He does not speak out both sides of His mouth. He does not apply inconsistent or arbitrary standards to the position He holds. In short, our Lord is not a liar. Jesus does not seek to murder or coerce or manipulate us. He says, “Come to Me and I will give you rest.” He says, “Come to Me so that your sins may be blotted out.” He says, “Come to me and I will give you water and bread that you might live forever.” But not so for Satan who desires to see you bound and gagged in this life and in the next, so that you will experience the wrath reserved for him and the angels (messengers of darkness) in an eternal hell.

The children of God are equipped to identify a lie, even if the whole world is caught under its sway. And we must be willing to stand in the torrent of the cultural winds that seek to blows us down, to bend them to their will. This we can do if our lives be built upon the Rock, for our Rock is not like their rock. Ours is a stronghold, a mighty refuge. Theirs, regardless of its apparent splendor and might, is shifting sand.

It is the role of the believer to know the truth.