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Government Makes Tracing App Mandatory, Churches Required to Deny Entry to Noncompliant · Caldron Pool

Government Makes Tracing App Mandatory, Churches Required to Deny Entry to Noncompliant · Caldron Pool
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Currently, I am on vacation in the south. This has given me a much needed break, which I am using to catch up on some necessary reading. I just finished Theonomy An Informed Response by Gary North (editor) and a list of other well known Christian Reconstructionists; Gary DeMar, Kenneth Gentry Jr., and the late Greg Bahnsen, to name just a few.

The article cited above (which I hope you click the link and read) illustrates why a theonomic ethic is so important for not just personal, family and ecclesiastical government, but the civil sector as well. The Canadian government is attempting to play God. They are not omniscient nor are they omnipresent but in an effort to control their citizens they are wanting elders to report to them the activities of those who attend their churches; as if they are gods.

The response of the godly elders in this article demonstrates a clearer understanding of the jurisdictional separation of powers between two different governing agencies (church vs state) than many professing Christians. The civil government bears a sword but we in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ have the keys. Both are institutions or ordained powers established by God above (cf. Rom 13.1-2), but they are separated powers limited to a specific sphere of influence. The gate keepers of the Church (elders at the gate) are right in refusing to obey or even recognize the gate keepers of the state, for the state is overreaching beyond the powers dictated to them.

Pray for these men, for these churches, for these…the children of God; the body of Christ. Learn from their example.

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Arguing from the Impossibility of the Contrary – The American Vision

During a “Gay Rights”/Juneteenth Parade in Fort Lauderdale, a man drove his pickup truck into a crowd killing one and injuring another. It was immediately denounced as a “terrorist attack” against the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some of the comments:
• 2 hit by truck that was aiming for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s car, a person is dead. “This is a terrorist attack against the LGBT community…deliberate, it was premeditated, and it was targeted against a specific person,” say authorities.
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The Great Reset Has You in Its Sights – The American Vision

There are at least two types of “created equal.” The first refers to equality before the law. But any type of ethical morality as it relates to equality one must assume the existence of the Creator. Morality is not innate in our DNA. There is no moral code written in our genes. Objective morality is non-material, and therefore cannot logically exist in a materialist world. Before Darwin, the Declaration of Independence positioned the source of rights:
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An excellent article by Gary DeMar of American Vision.